CryptoCafe is the first coffee house in Spain that accept only Crypto currencies. It’s a place where visitors can get familiar with cryptocurrencies, their practical use, and have a fantastic coffee. If you have never used cryptocurrencies, don’t worry, it is easy. We will teach you how to do it, all you need is some cash on hand and a smartphone. We also made you this video to show you how simple it is.

CryptoCafe is not an ordinary café, and you can spot it right away when you enter. Baristas do not stand behind the bar and the coffee machine is located in the middle of the space. It’s simply a very open concept where sometimes it’s hard to decide who is the barista and who is the visitor – and that’s way how it is supposed to be.

Bitcoin Coffee is the place where meetings are held – whether agreed or accidental, our goal is you leave with inspiration after each visit, and your head full of new thoughts, knowledge and ideas. Parallel Polis is a free piece of the world where we connect people, ideas and technologies. And all this begins in our café, in the Bitcoin Coffee.

Friendly Environment

Get in touch with the crypto community of Barcelona. At Paper Hub, we pride ourselves on cultivating good relationships and trust between members, as well as a relaxed atmosphere. We are all friends here, who mutually inspire each other and share our know-how. You can also look forward to enjoying an environment offering total freedom, also reflected in the membership itself, which is a flexible, no lock-in membership that is customised according to your needs. More than just being a place for productive and efficient work, Paper Hub also provides a space that will literally make you feel at home.

Rooted in Barcelona

We are proud of our origins. Enjoy a modernistic-styled workspace with everything you need to get the job done.

Innovation & Technology​

Work next to the heroes that are shaping the future of privacy-centric technologies.As a “permanent resident” of Paralelni Polis Barcelona, you will be up close and personal with our main themes such as decentralisation, internet freedom and crypto-technology.t all starts with familiarising yourself with cryptocurrency, which you will use to pay for your membership, and with protecting your privacy in the digital sphere, and who knows… maybe it will end in the development of your own blockchain-based project.

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