Paper Hub is a shared office where a freelancer community, small work teams, and emerging launches are based on their work experience. Here, in the original design environment , they devote themselves to diverse projects – welcome liberally-minded, innovative freelancers and startups interested in digital freedom issues and developing projects in the field of decentralization, P2P and cryptotechnology .

Like all Concepts in Polis Paral·lela and Paper Hub, it accepts payments only in cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of having a membership


We will gladly help you with the presentation or promotion of your individual project.


As well as providing facilities to work in, we also offer a lot of opportunities for further education.


Your knowledge is not the only thing that you will be able to develop at Paper Hub. Access the best advice from the many experts we have on a wide variety of topics.


If you need to refuel amongst working up a storm, then treat yourself to a snack and a selection of coffee directly from the café, where, as a member of the Hub, you will only be paying mates rates.

Other services

Get special deals with our network of partners.

1 day

soft users

  • 8h / Month You are often on the run, and you only use the Hub occasionally.

1 week

medium junkies

  • 30 h / Month The working desk at home or in your office suits you quite well, but once a week you like to discover new ideas in a different environment.

2 weeks


  • 60 h / Month You enjoy working and collaborating with other coworkers in Hub, but you also use it for business meetings.
  • Access to Shared Office You can make use of it twice a week
  • Meeting Room Discounted meeting room rental

Unlimited Access

for workaholics

  • Come and go as you please You spend here maybe every day and you're an active member of the community and a regular visitor of the events
  • Extended Access to Meeting Room Two hours of meeting room for free per month.

Fixed Desk

for those who want to change the world

  • Permanent Desk You have your permanent working desk, but you do not waste money for an expensive office and you do not deal with bail and notice periods.
  • Storage You want a calm environment and a safe place to store all the things you need for work - whether it's twenty files or two monitors
  • Access to Meeting Room You can use it whenever you want as long as it is not booked.

Meeting Room


  • Private Space This is a space where you can make a private phone call, a presentation for a client or have a meeting with a team of up to 12 people.
  • Fully equipped You will appreciate a whiteboard, projector and plasma TV.
  • Open Views Direct access to our shady and spacious terrace.

Come and visit us at:

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