Polis Paral·lela Barcelona

Technology can be used to enslave people, but it also is the key to freedom. This dual aspect of technology is shown throughout history, where small movements, often vastly outnumbered, achieved empowerment by learning to master technology. Here at Polis Parallela, we seek to use technology to construct an alternative paradigm founded on democratic principles. At our physical center in Barcelona we are developing projects to emancipate people from old hierarchies into a new system: one that is decentralised, efficient, and based on crypto-economics.

Technology Academy

The academy is the place where we research techniques, provide training for full- and part-time students, and a program of open lectures.
Our aim is the art of polytechnics and using techniques to further human freedom.

Institut De Criptoanarquia

Institut De Criptoanarquia is a place in which we hosts regular Bitcoin meetups, privacy related meetups and biohacking sessions.

Paper Hub

Paper Hub is a working space on the base floor of Polis Parallela Barcelona.
It works on a co-working basis - sharing one workplace with different people with different occupational interests.


Like it or not, you will only be able to pay in crypto in our cryptocafe.
Our goal is for the cafe to be a place for sharing experience and knowledge among the crypto community.

Art Gallery

Art has always been humanity's main way of expression and exploration. In Polis we welcome artists to showcase their creations to the community.

Permaculture Garden

Emancipation goes alongside food independence. In that direction, we want to experiment with a permaculture garden to show people how to build synergistic ecosystems and provide food ingredients for the space.

Why are we are making Polis Paral·lela ?

Polis Paral·lela (Parallel Polis) is a community non-profit that wants to increase our personal liberty by building a parallel and independent society.

It consists of Crypto Coffee – the first cafeteria in Spain that accepts only cryptocurrencies, the Technology Academy – an educational institution and a think tank, and Paper Hub – a co-working space.

We create an inspiring environment by spreading ideas and tools for an independent and voluntary society. We are part of a paradigm shift toward decentralization, sharing economies, reputation systems, cryptocurrencies, censorship resistance and both economical and personal freedom restrictions avoidance.

Bitcoin, blockchain and decentralized technologies are creating a parallel free society based on alternative principles, away from traditional hierarchical and centralised systems (such as fiat money, registries, and licenses). A parallel society represents functional and effective solution to existing problems in society and it can coexist with the current system.

Technologies offer new solutions to many complex problems in society. We experiment with these technologies and apply them.

What's the plan ?

Ground floor 315 m2 + patio ~200m2
Basement 350 m2

How far in progress are we?

Finishing renovations in the space for the first floor, and for that we need your help!

Where is it ?

Carrer Jaume Puigverd 13, Baixos, 08024, Barcelona (Catalonia)

Do you need something, how can I help?

  • People who like this idea – both active and passive supporters, part or full-time. Anybody, who can make presentation or lecture.
  • Financial support – without it we cannot finish renovating and furnish our space to suit the concept. Support us!
  • Board members – we need some starter investment, later experiences and guidance. We decided to create this based on classical US non-profit organisational principles, where the board members are supporting the place and steering its course. This concept has been verified in Prague and is fulfilling to board members, because they can assist us in creating this unique experiment. We think it will lead in future to better and more free society. We will gladly talk with you why and how invest in Polis Paral·lela in Barcelona.

If you feel you can and want help us, be sure to contact us (by subscribing below or via e-mail).

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